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        MindManager for Windows是Mindjet公司出品的一个新产品,用于让你从每日大量的数据、繁...

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          出版厂商:Mindjet 版  本:
          语  言:英语 授权期限:1年
          上架时间:2008-11-09 交货方式:电子授权
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          MindManager for Windows是Mindjet公司出品的一个新产品,用于让你从每日大量的数据、繁杂的网页和其它琐事中脱身出来,更好的关注于重要的事情。MindManager 8应用先进的脑图技术去捕捉、组织和交流信息。有了MindManager for Windows,你能更灵活、高效的分享你的想法和行为。





          MindManager 8 for Windows新特征:

          It is a visual diagram that looks like a tree with a main topic in the middle and as many sub-topics exploded out in branches. Sub-branches can have mini-branches. The branches are easy to add or move. Information in a visual format makes it more memorable, gives it context, and unveils patterns and relationships that are difficult to see in a linear document.

          Access the right information, when you need it
          Hyperlinks, Attachments & Notes — Include other sources of information from Documents, Folders, Web Content or Maps. When working with Microsoft Office, you can view and edit files directly within MindManager.
          Integrated Web Services — Insert dynamic data, images and search results from common Web applications like Google, Yahoo, eBay and more.
          Database Linker — Interact with your corporate data visually (Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MS SQL Server, Access, Excel, CSV or text files).
          Powerful Search — Search through your maps and all attached documents with ease.

          Stay in the zone and maintain your laser focus
          Multi-map view and search — Navigate quickly with thumbnail views of linked maps. Search linked maps for key words and information.
          Visual elements — Focus your ideas and tasks with a broad selection of icons and text markers. Easily format lines, topics & text to provide more clarity.
          Topic sorting — Sort topics by alphanumeric order, alphabetic only, on task completion percentage, or task priority.
          Power select/filter — See only the data you need to see by defining your own selection criteria.
          Automated Task Management — Automatic summation of task, start dates, end dates and level of completion.
          Seamless Microsoft Office Integration — Import Outlook, Word, and Project files. Export to Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Project and Visio. Edit Microsoft Office documents directly within MindManager.

          Microsoft Fluent User Interface — Easy to use "ribbon" interface simplifies creating maps and access to advanced capabilities.
          Integrated Microsoft Office File Editing — View and edit Microsoft files directly within MindManager.
          Microsoft Outlook — Create, import or export Microsoft Outlook™ items
          Microsoft Word integration — Find the most compelling way to deliver messages using Microsoft Word™
          Microsoft PowerPoint — Improve structure & content for Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentations
          Microsoft Excel — Present multiple up-to-the-date Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets in a single view
          Microsoft Project integration — Improve project planning & status reporting with links to Microsoft Project™
          Microsoft Visio export — Export workflow processes into a Visio flowchart

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